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  • How much is the cost of living in the ‘country’?

    For average prices, a litre of milk costs VND 34 000, a loaf of bread costs VND 15 500, 1kg of rice costs VND 18 500, a dozen of eggs costs VND 29 500. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant will costs about VND 40 000 and a meal at a fast food restaurant costs about VND 90 000. A monthly rent costs VND 8 000 000 with an additional of about VND 1 000 000 for utilities.

  • What is the lifestyle like in the ‘country’?

    Vietnamese lifestyle is heavily influenced by their values. One of these is family. It is not uncommon for them to have three generations living in one roof. Confucianism also has a huge influence in the Vietnamese lifestyle. This makes them respectful to people senior to them in age and standard.

    From region to region, there are various cuisines in Vietnam but most share two similarities. First is the presence of steamed rice in every lunch and dinner. Second, is fresh vegetables which is in most Vietnamese dishes and has partly flavored the cuisines’ taste.

  • Are there Filipinos living in the ‘country’?

    According to the Philippine Embassy in Hanoi, there are more than 5 000 Filipinos working in Vietnam.

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