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  • How much is the cost of living in Switzerland?

    It’s no secret that European countries are one of the most expensive countries to live in in the world. Zurich, one of the cities in Switzerland, currently holds the 3rd spot in the most expensive cities to live in! But ultimately, costs of living depends on your lifestyle and how you budget your money.

    Monthly Estimated Expenses

    Grocery                              180 - 200 EUR (PHP 11,080 - 12,311)
    Meal                                   12 - 22 EUR (PHP 768 - 1,354)
    Student Residence            360 - 800 EUR (PHP 22,160 - 49,245)
    Apartment                          600 - 800 EUR (PHP 36,934 - 49,245)
    Transportation                               40 - 50 EUR (PHP 2,462 - 3,077)
    Utilities                                          180 EUR (PHP 9395)

  • What is the lifestyle like in Switzerland?

    You’ve probably hear the stereotype of what it’s like in Switzerland - snow and skiing, mountains, or chocolates. Although in some cases those are true, the reality of living in Switzerland is far beyond the common stereotypes. Switzerland prides itself for cleanliness, safety and efficient infrastructures. People in Switzerland heavily follows guidelines for social interaction in their daily lives. These include punctuality, bringing a small gift when invited, to call before stopping by, and considering Sundays as a day of rest. Swiss culture is also pretty prominent, especially in their holiday traditions and different festivals.

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