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With a cultural and historical mix of the civilizations of the Romans, the Moors, and its own, Spain features a diverse mix of castles, cathedrals, and old cities. It is an eclectic and creative country, known for the modernist art of Dali and Picasso, the world-famous and widely replicated tapas culture, and featuring the living architecture of Gaudi in beautiful Barcelona.

As a former colony of Spain, Filipinos wouldn’t be as culture shocked compared to other non-Hispanic countries. Strolling through the streets of Barcelona and Madrid could give off a familiar feeling like one was strolling through the Old Town Vigan or Intramuros.

With partner schools in Madrid to name a few, Filipino international students have a lot to choose in pursuing their international studies.

We have 1 Spanish school and universities on our website that you can search and apply from!

Why study in Spain?

Spain is a great destination for Filipino international students thanks to its rich culture and top universities. There are a handful of reasons why Filipinos should study in Spain.

  • Reputable Educational System
  • Home Away from Philippines

Schools in Spain

Spain's exceptional education system is ranked 12th in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018.

Life and culture in Spain

Spain is the kind of country where Filipino students can enjoy a great holiday while earning a valuable degree program. Aside from a host of some of the best universities worldwide, there’s always something to do in the Kingdom of Spain.

Study and work opportunities in Spain

Filipinos on a student visa are allowed to work in Spain for up to 20 hours per week. Students can also request for a special work permit that allows them to work up to 4 hours per day. The special permit is quite useful for students who want to earn additional money.

The special work permit also allows students to work full-time up to 3 months when classes aren’t in session.

Scholarships in Spain

Filipinos can get several types of financial support in Spain, from loans, scholarships granted by both the public and private sector of Spain, and various grants.

Quick Facts & Figures

Madrid, Spain


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Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Top 3: Catholicism, Non-Religious, Other Faiths

Mediterranean, Oceanic, Semiarid

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