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  • Where can I live while studying in New Zealand?

    The cost of accommodation will vary depending on how you want to live.

    Halls of residence (or hostels)
    Usually just a walk away from campus, halls of residence offer fully furnished single or twin-share rooms with a shared dining hall, lounge and laundry. Meals are often included and you’ll find a lively programme of social activities. A number of the larger institutions also provide private hostels that run in a similar way, and some have self-contained apartments (which we call ‘flats’).

    Flatting/Independent Accommodation
    Flats range from one-bedroom apartments to four or five bedroom homes, and can be found just about anywhere – close to cities and campuses or further out in the surrounding suburbs, where you’re more likely to find gardens and car-parking space.

    Most flats include basic equipment such as an oven, dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer. You and your flatmates will share the cost of rent and usually the phone and energy bills. The national median rent for a three bedroom house is NZ$555 per week in 2018, or NZ$215 a room per week.

  • What is it like living in New Zealand?

    Studying abroad is an opportunity to have a world-class education, enjoy an unbeatable lifestyle and develop important life skills.
    Meet some of the students having the experience of a lifetime in New Zealand

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Work in New Zealand

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