Working in Italy

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  • Can I work while I’m studying in Italy?

    International students are allowed to work alongside their studies in Italy, but you will need to secure a signed employment contract which you will show a copy of at the immigration office to apply for a work permit. Students may only work full-time during the holidays between semesters. Most universities have career guidance services that may help students find a part-time job during the duration of their studies.

  • What are the benefits of graduating from a school in Italy?

    Italy is a popular study destination for international students not only because of its picturesque environment, but also because of the high quality and excellent variety of courses and programs that the country’s top schools have to offer. Graduating from one of these prestigious universities will open you up to a host of global opportunities in the future. Italy’s reverence for all aspects of life allows you to foster new perspectives that go far beyond your academic career. Besides the obvious reasons for studying in Italy, such the mouth-watering food, diverse natural landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, studying in Italy will furnish each study abroad student with an experience unlike any other.

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Schools in Italy

Which school do you want to study? What program can you take? Are the schools offering scholarships?

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Study in Italy

How much are the living expenses for students? How can I adapt to the local culture?

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Life in Italy

Where could you live? What would daily life be like? What's the cost of living? Is it safe living here?

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