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There are many ways to describe Italy. From its famous renaissance figures like da Vinci, Vivaldi, and Machiavelli, Italy has its large share of culture and history.

It can be said that Italians are similar to Filipinos – with both cultures are religious, have close family ties, and are fond of food. Furthermore, Italians are very open and friendly and are known to be touchy and romantic. Aside from these qualities, they also hold a certain degree of consideration for structure and often like to maintain an orderly lifestyle while being resourceful. They are also known to be fashionable and tend to hold a great appreciation for quality material.

With partner schools in Milan to name a few, Filipino international students have a lot to choose in pursuing their international studies.

We have 1 Italian school and universities on our website that you can search and apply from!

Why study in Italy?

Italy is a great destination for Filipino international students thanks to its storied culture and top universities. There are a handful of reasons why Filipinos should study in Italy.

  • Melting Pot of Arts, Architecture, and Fashion
  • Great Amount of English-taught Degrees

Schools in Italy

Italy's historic education system is ranked 11th in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018.

Life and culture in Italy

Italian culture is apparent in the arts, family, food, and architecture of the nation. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Filipinos can expose themselves to fine cultures of both old and new.

Study and work opportunities in Italy for Filipinos

Filipino international students on a student visa are allowed to work while studying. Students can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week, but cannot work full-time even during vacation.

Scholarships in Italy

Filipinos can get several types of financial support in Italy from the Italian government and Italian universities. Some universities provide scholarship programs for international students, specifically.

Quick Facts & Figures

Rome, Italy



Unitary Parliamentary Republic

Top 3: Christianity, No religion, Islam

Mediterranean Climate

UTC +1:00
Internet Domain


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