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  • How much is the cost of living in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is rated as one of the most expensive places in Asia to live, ranking third after Tokyo and Seoul. Although, the cost of living in Hong Kong really depends on your lifestyle.

    Food: HK$25 - HK$35
    Accommodation: HK$10000-HK$17000 (monthly)
    Transportation: Train railcard: HK$25/day
    Bus travel card: HK$6/trip
    Utilities:  HK$150-HK$200 (monthly)
    Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous: HK$500

  • What is the lifestyle like in Hong Kong?

    Also, Hong Kong is considered as Asia’s world city, because of all the services and structures people from vast cultures need while maintaining their own identity. Generally, the life of a local in Hong Kong is fast-paced. They walk and talk fast, but they also like to enjoy relaxing on their downtime. However, the nightlife in Hong Kong is where they truly shine. During the night, you can see most of the city is lighted up, and the view is extremely spectacular. Some local opt to go to a bar or a club, while others choose to go shopping at one of its luxurious boutiques.

    Although, the nightlife in Hong Kong is amazing. The locals there also enjoy the outdoors. After a long week, others like to do yoga or acrobats during the weekend. You can also find a lot of beaches, mountains and country parks there, as it takes up 40% of Hong Kong. During the weekend, you can also choose to hike on one of its many hiking trails, go to the beach or take a cruise around the city.

  • Are there Filipinos living in Hong Kong?

    The Hong Kong census reports about 184,081 Filipinos living in Hong Kong, many of whom works as a domestic helper.

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