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Germany, one of the major European countries, is located in western Europe. The bigger German cities like Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf, are an interesting mix of old and new, with cutting edge and sleek skyscrapers dominating the skyline, while historic architecture lines its streets, filling it with charm. The products that Germans are known for include fast cars and beer -- Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world is celebrated here. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Germany is all about modern and sleek. Its natural wonders are also sights to behold; the Rhine Valley and its mountain ranges have a fairytale-like vibe to it, especially with the old castles and fortresses they house.

Like Filipinos, Germans are very hospitable hosts; banquet tables are always full and guests are well-fed. Germans can also be very serious, well organized, and they strictly follow their rules. While they may seem cold at first, Germans are actually very sincere and loyal. English is also a language that is regularly spoken in this country so the language barrier should be limited, if any. 

The best thing about studying in Germany is that many of its schools don’t charge for tuition. Their schools are known for being high in quality and there are programs available for any career path. However, be prepared to shell out money for living expenses as cost of living in Germany can be quite high, especially in the larger cities. 

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Berlin, Germany


Euro (EUR)

Federal parliamentary republic

Top 3: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism

Temperate seasonal climate

UTC +1 / (DST) UTC +2
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