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Working in Denmark

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  • Can I work while studying in Denmark?

    Yes! International students can work as long as they have a work permit. This entitles you to work for up to 15 hours per week during the semesters, but work full time during the summer!

  • What are the benefits of graduating from a school in Denmark?

    Education is an investment as perceived by Danish authorities, which is why tuition fees are significantly lower, sometimes even free, in Denmark. But this doesn’t sacrifice the quality of education you receive! Studying in a Danish university will develop you into being a critical and innovative thinker! Here, learning is not sitting in a classroom but projects that will make you research and understand more about your chosen field. But beyond the education, Denmark is also the happiest place in the world and is considered to be the most affordable country for student living. The Dutch are also rich in culture! Furthermore, with its great geography, you can enjoy many of their attractions such as a boat ride to Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

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Schools in Denmark

Which school do you want to study? What program can you take? Are the schools offering scholarships?

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Study in Denmark

How much are the living expenses for students? How can I adapt to the local culture?

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Life in Denmark

Where could you live? What would daily life be like? What's the cost of living? Is it safe living here?

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