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Working in China

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  • Can I work while I’m studying in China?

    Working while studying of international students in China are now allowed for the duration their studies, but part-time work or internships are sometimes allowed. However, a student who has graduated within a year with a master’s degree or higher from will be able to work in China and get a work permit and employment license.

  • What are the benefits of graduating from a school in China?

    Not only did you benefit from a world-renowned quality of education, you also get to be a strong employee prospect! Also, the academic qualifications awarded by its universities are recognized by most developed countries. As the fourth most popular destination for international travel, the country is growing in economic and cultural significance. This means more opportunities for you!

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Schools in China

Which school do you want to study? What program can you take? Are the schools offering scholarships?

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Study in China

How much are the living expenses for students? How can I adapt to the local culture?

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Life in China

Where could you live? What would daily life be like? What's the cost of living? Is it safe living here?

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