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  • How much is the cost of living in China?

    The cost of living in China is significantly lower than in US, Europe or Australia. Of course, the cost of living still varies on the lifestyle of the person. Here’s a list below to give you a general idea of what’s the day-to-day expenses:

    Food: RMB 10 - RMB 100
    Accommodation: RMB 10000 - RMB 13,000 (monthly)
    Transportation: Train fare: RMB 4

       Taxi rate per km: RMB 2.50
    Utilities:  RMB 400 - RMB 600 (monthly)

  • What is the lifestyle like in China?

    The typical lifestyle in China varies depending on which city you decide on living. You can have a fast-paced city lifestyle to a relaxed farm lifestyle, as it ranges from where you live. Despite the large urban development and is considered as the “land of cities”, part of China is still largely rural. Because of this, you have the option of the life of long work hours and parties or an escape from city life.

    Due to Western influences, the way of life in China is not that much different from the rest of the world; although, some of their traditional values are still intact. Clothing is very similar to that of the Western culture now. Moreover, equality between genders is not much of an issue like it was before.

  • Are there Filipinos living in China?

    According to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, there were about 12,000 overseas Filipinos in mainland China, scattered among Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing and many other cities.

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