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For the past few years, China has become one of the most industrialized and innovative nations in the world. As the country with the biggest economy, China has become 

With partner schools in Guangdong, Shanghai, and Kunshan to name a few, Filipino international students have a lot to choose in pursuing their international studies.

We have over 3 Chinese schools and universities on our website that you can search and apply from!

Why study in China?

China is a great destination for Filipino international students thanks to its top-ranking universities and liveable cities. There are a handful of reasons why Filipinos should study in China.

  • Affordable Living and Education
  • Career Opportunities
  • Sponsored Learning for International Students

Schools in China

China's historic education system is ranked 8th in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018.

Life and Culture in China

China is slowly (but surely) becoming a popular study abroad destination. The Chinese government is committed to welcome more international students to its historic land.

Study and work opportunities in China for Filipinos

As of December 2018, the Ministry of Education is planning to allow international students at Chinese universities to work part-time. Details have yet to be released as of now.

Scholarships in China

The government of China is spearheading scholarships to entice international students to research and study in Chinese universities. There are also private organizations that are willing to financially support students who desire to study in China.

Quick Facts & Figures

Beijing, China


CNY (Chinese Yuan)

Taoism, Buddhism, lslamism, Protestantism, Catholicism

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