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Living in Bulgaria

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  • How much is the cost of living in the ‘country’?

    Minimum cost of of living Bulgaria for foreign students is in the range of 5 280 (BGN) Bulgarian Lev or about 168 000 PHP per year.

  • What is the lifestyle like in the ‘country’?

    Bulgaria is a small country and one of the oldest in Europe. Even with its size, it is still one of the more diverse countries in the continent. In some places, it will feel like the country has not been modernized yet. Although it t is common to see villagers plowing with a donkey or tending their sheep and goats, Bulgaria is a modern-thinking country with a strong sense of innovation in its expanding business centers.

    Bulgarians pride themselves on their hospitality and neighborliness. As a host, they give their visitors food and drink during meal times. Sometimes just a rakia, a term for a fruit brandy popular in the Balkans. For visitors, it is considered impolite to reject this hospitality. Also, as a visitor, it is customary to bring flowers or sweets.

    One unique thing about Bulgarians is their gesture for a “yes” and “no”. The common way of these gestures is a nod for a “yes” and a sideways shaking of the head that means “no” but in Bulgaria, they do it the opposite way. A nod means “no” and shaking the head sideways means “yes”.

  • Are there Filipinos living in the ‘country’?

    There is no specific number on how many Filipinos are currently living in Bulgaria, but there is a Filipino community in the country that supports their fellow Filipinos in Bulgaria and those who are planning to live or stay in Bulgaria.

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