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  • What are the benefits of graduating from a school in Australia?

    Graduating from a school in Australia can greatly benefit your future career! Depending on your school and their industry connections, your university could connect you to some of your dream Australian companies and maybe even internships. Schools in Australia are also generally high in quality and are recognized all over the world. You can also improve your English language skills and expand your network by meeting fellow students from all walks of life. These, among other factors, can improve your employability once you graduate!

  • Can I work while I’m studying in Australia?

    Yes! One of the perks of being an international student in Australia is being able to work part-time while finishing your degree! This unique opportunity can give Filipinos to immediately gain real work experience while studying abroad. Those with student visas are automatically allowed to apply for work.

    With most student visas, you will be able to work for a maximum of 40 hours every 2 weeks during the academic year. Working hours during scheduled breaks and holidays are unrestricted.

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Schools in Australia

Which school do you want to study? What program can you take? Are the schools offering scholarships?

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Study in Australia

How much are the living expenses for students? How can I adapt to the local culture?

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Life in Australia

Where could you live? What would daily life be like? What's the cost of living? Is it safe living here?

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