General Academic Strand (GAS)
AMA University Online Education

(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years
Response rate: 25.9%
Response time: Typically replies within two weeks

Course Description

Designed for students who prefer a diverse selection of courses. The strand aims to provide the students with a framework of liberal education equipping them with a knowledge and skills to facilitate intellectual and physical growth, to pursue their studies in college or university and contribute to the improvement of the community in which they live. The GAS Curriculum includes specialization in the arts, humanities, business, sciences and mathematics.

Career Objectives
An accounting, business and management program prepares students for a career in business, accounting and management which may stretch across any sector and industry. Graduates can also go on further study in college or in a university. The GAS graduates from AMAES can join the workforce as:
· Marketing Associates
· HR personnel
· Sales Associates
· Finance Associates


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