Life Assistance for Neighbors In need (L.A.N.I)
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Life Assistance for Neighbors In need (L.A.N.I) is a scholarship program established by Mayor Lani Cayetano in 2011 for all Taguigenos to have fair opportunity to study, find work and have a brighter future. Through this program, she can reach out and provide scholarships to thousands, who, someday may become the leaders of this City, and perhaps the country.


  • A bonafide resident of Taguig City for at least 3 years immediately preceding the application. Must be a registered voter of the City if 18 years or older, and with at least one of the parents also a registered voter of the city.
  • Of good moral character both in paper and in deeds.
  • Determined to finish the course or pass the bar/board examination
  • Committed to love and serve Taguig City

Maintaining the scholarship
  • To maintain the scholarship, scholars must submit the application form and required documents every semester. General weighted average (GWA) for the duration of the scholarship covered should not be lower than 2.5, with no grade of 5, dropped, unremoved 4, or incomplete, or these grades’ equivalent, and must carry a load of at least 15 units per semester or it's equivalent per trimester.
  • For those with violations:
1st offense – probation/warning;
2nd offense – suspension;
3rd offense – termination from the scholarship.


Strictly for Filipinos only

Incoming College

For any marital status

Any course is allowed


  • Filled-up Application Form with 2X2 Recent Picture
  • Enrolment Form for Current Semester/Term with Official Receipt, if applicable
  • Authenticated or True Copy of Grades last semester, with school seal/official signature for continuing students, preferably with semestral weighted average indicated. (For those with trimester, grades for the past 2 terms)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the School.
  • High School Report Card/Other valid proof of having graduated from High School (for Freshmen/New Applicants). For those who graduated in Senior High School from Private Schools/Universities, but finished Grade 10 in Taguig public school or nearby public schools, bring documentary proof.
  • School ID (back to back photocopy in a single page)
  • Voter’s Certification issued by COMELEC, showing that at least one of the parents of the applicant is a registered voter (issued after the May 9, 2016 election).
  • Voter’s Certification of the applicant (for those 18 years old and above)
  • Other necessary documents to facilitate the processing of your scholarship application (i.e. Proof of having graduated as Top 10 of the Batch in Senior High School – for those applying for Honors Scholarship; Transcript or True Copy of Grades since start of college for New Applicants who are continuing students, EVS/TLC Certification, F137, Course Curriculum, Birth Certificate, etc.).

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