Arts and Design Track

The arts & Design track will prepare you as you wander around the design, performative, and creative industry. What this track aims is to get you a career in the creative field after you graduate. Breaking the stereotype that is there no careers in this industry, you’ll be surprised how fun the Arts and Design world can be..

To instill the right employment skills so that you can get a job immediately after graduation, part of the curriculum of this track is to expose you to various form of media such as architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, animation, painting, fashion design, photography, and film.

  • What is the Arts & Design Track?

    This track is for those who are interested in pursuing careers on the performative and creative field. Get to discover your capabilities and stretch what you can do in industries of music, theatre, visual arts, media arts, and dance. You can gain various skills such as song composing, stage performing, illustrating, sculpting, photography, or choreography under this track.

    Arts and Design also aims not only to ensure that you can get a livelihood out of your interest in arts and design but also to help various regions in the country in preserving their local culture.

  • What are the subjects in this strand?

    The Arts and Design Track intends to provide students with knowledge of the different arts and design forms, materials, media, and production in the creative industries. This track will also expose you to various influential artists and works across time and around the globe.

    When it comes to visual arts, it is other than painting. There is printmaking, architecture, interior designing, photography, and film production. You will be equipped with different media arts skills like animation, web design, or interactive mobile applications. Grab on that mouse and learn how to use computer-aided design software like the AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, Maya, Photoshop, 3ds MAX and VRAY.

    The Arts and Design Track will offer you subjects on the principles of theater, music, and dance. But you will not stop there too! You will also get to understand the concepts and practical application of the skills in performing arts in both local and global setting.

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  • What can I do after SHS?
    Performative Arts

    Music is not just for singers. Enhancing your skills in writing under the Arts and Design Track can be your stepping stone in becoming a great song writer or script writers. You can also make your own studio after taking subjects such as furniture arts, ceramics, jewelry and clothing, costume, and set design.

    Visual and Media Arts

    Into cartoons and animations? Arts and Design Track will equip you with the right skills and basic knowledge you can use as you explore the fantastic and fun world of media and visual arts. This can land you a job in the fields of multimedia production, advertising, corporate communications, graphic designing, filmmaking, photography, and desktop publishing.

  • What schools offer this strand?

    Carpe Diem! Indeed, seize the day and seize the opportunities! Here are the schools that are looking forward to help you make a mark in the creative industry.

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  • How many students take this strand?



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