Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are intertwining disciplines when applied in the real world. The difference of the STEM curriculum with the other strands and tracks is the focus on advanced concepts and topics.

Under the track, you can become a pilot, an architect, an astrophysicist, a biologist, a chemist, an engineer, a dentist, a nutritionist, a nurse, a doctor, and a lot more. Those who are also interested in Marine Engineering should take this track.

  • What are the subjects in this strand?

    Earth Science

    STEM will offer you a subject on Earth Science that would discuss continental drift, index fossils, and renewable energy. This program would also help you identify areas that vulnerable to disasters, interpret hazard maps, and learn the proper use of hydrometereological tools.

    Pre-Calculus and Basic Calculus

    Take out your calculators and get a piece of paper. This should be your starter pack for your Pre-Calculus and Basic Calculus classes. These are all essential once you take your bachelor course on Mathematics or Engineering.


    Physics classes will explain the various phenomenons that are happening around us. You can also try magic tricks of kinematics, momentum, impulse, and a lot more. Also take into account the various thermodynamic concepts, oscillations, gravity among others.

    You will also learn to identify the different species of monkeys or take part with environment conservationists in saving Earth. Through the STEM curriculum, you can be an Eco Warrior!

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  • What can I do after SHS?


    For the people who love being outdoors, STEM is the track for you! You can get degrees varying from agricultural engineering, animal science, food technology, horticulture, forestry to veterinary medicine.


    Subjects under STEM are tailor fitted to courses such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronics & communication engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering.

    Health Care

    Anatomy and Physiology just got easy with the STEM curriculum specialized subjects of chemistry and biology. Your future might hold you as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, dentist, or medical technologist. I can already see that white coat on you!

    Information Technology

    Equipped with the basic essentials to survive the rapid global IT marketplace, look forward to get that degree on Computer Science, Computer Technology, and Information Technology as a STEM student.

    Mathematics and Science

    Mathematics and Science is the heart of the STEM curriculum. Different technical career paths are open for you to take on. Various industries such as banking, civil service, financial services, consulting, and retail can become your playground in the future.

  • Which schools offer this strand?

    Let’s get it on! Ready your forms. Set your documents. Fire out your application to our partner STEM schools!

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  • How many students take this strand?



    The STEM strand got the 2nd most enrolled career path in the Academic Track

Featured company that values STEM graduates

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STEM+ PH is the flagship program of Unilab Foundation, which aims to strengthen STEM education for a smarter Philippines. We believe in nurturing future scientists and innovators dedicated to serving the country and humanity.

Founded on the belief that STEM is key to solving real-life problems and advancing national development, the program focuses on initiatives for both learners and educators.

For the learners, STEM+ PH will host our favorite Quiz Bee, create exciting STEM Labs, and build a community of Youth Citizen Scientists.

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