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Welcome to! We have dedicated our Web site to provide you relevant and useful information on scholarships, schools, training institutions, and courses that can make school search easier. Here is a list of house rules on the use of the site that can help us better serve you, whether you are a user or a subscriber of this site. By availing of and being able to use the tools and information on the site, the visitor is assumed to have read and understood and agrees to be bound by the following rules and all the other provisions regarding Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability, Privacy and Intellectual Property.

  1. Use of Content. Content uploaded on our Web site are either of two things: these are our intellectual property or the intellectual property of our partners and those who allowed us to upload their content. Feel free to read them and learn from them. However, we expect that if you want to use our content, then you will ask for our permission through [email protected]. We'll try our best to accommodate your requests.
  2. We accept article contributions from users. But aside from the need to follow our guidelines on writing articles, we also need some rights if you want us to upload your contribution on our Web site. We just want to be sure that we can present your material to our users and readers the way that we want them presented.
  3. We all know that stealing is bad right? So, don't steal content from or from other sources! In this context, stealing refers to copying content without indicating the source of your information. Always remember, do not copy-paste... it would make things easier for everyone.
  4. Respect is an important concept at As much as we respect your ideas and comments, we will not tolerate any hint of impropriety, harassment, posting of illegal or unsafe content, or disrespect on our Web site. We will strictly endeavor to ensure that our Web site will remain safe for everyone.
  5. Using the services available on our Web site only means that you accept and will adhere to these guidelines that we have set, that we can change or add details to these guidelines as we deem necessary, and that we can deal with any inappropriate or abusive behavior you may try and do on our Web site. Simply put, if you violate these guidelines, then we will act accordingly.
  6. Feedback. Our Web site has a comment section so you can express your ideas, sentiments, thoughts, apprehensions, etc., on our content. Although online discussion is synonymous to free expression, we expect that you will act in a respectful and civil manner to maintain an atmosphere of intelligent and insightful discussion.

Should the visitor/user not agree to any of the term and conditions above mentioned, he or she must immediately leave this site and desist from using the same.

You may want to clarify something. Or you may just want to say something and be heard. We would like to hear what you think. You may direct your questions, comments, suggestions, contributions, corrections to [email protected].

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